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Marvel Avengers (2020) PC torrent

08.07.2019, 17:04
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Marvel Avengers - an adventure action that will tell a new story of the Avengers team. Ira skillfully combines cinematic narrative and stormy action, in which the team once again have to save the earth from evil.

The game starts after the A - Day events with the opening of a new Avengers base in San Francisco, but this was used as an excuse to attack terrorists. As a result, many people were killed in all blamed super-heroes, now they are outlaws. Five years later, there is a threat for which the "Avengers" again unite and go to fight against evil.

The game provides an action with role-playing elements. It will be possible to pump all five Avengers, and also to customize their appearance. It will be possible to play the game alone, switching between characters or in a cooperative, where each of the players will control one character, so the cooperative is designed for five people.

This is the first game in "the Avengers", where you can feel the difference in control of each character, all of your style's strengths and weaknesses, so you'll have to come to complete a mission.

Marvel Avengers release date is scheduled for 2020!

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