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02.02.2016, 19:44
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System requirements:


- Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista
- Processor: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or equivalent Athlon 64
- Memory: 1 GB RAM
- Graphics card: 3D-video adapter with memory 256 MB, compatible with DirectX 9.0 C, supports shaders version 3.0 (GeForce 6600 or Radeon X1300)
- Sound: sound card Compatible with DirectX
- Free space on hard disk: 6.5 GB

DICE, the company that developed mega-popular Battlefield series, as well as popular shooter 2010 Medal of Honor, remembered another game Mirror's Edge. It just can not be called standard. Firstly, this contributes to the story. The player is sent to a utopian city, where everything is in order, in perfect order. But this was achieved through total control. Checked all information, suspicious persons immediately destroy the police. That though as-that to truly communicate with each other were created by special couriers, they are called Running backs. The heroine called faith is one of them. Her task is to rescue the maligned sister.

Game mirrors edge 2 download torrent free need because the game itself is a very unusual process. All based on running, while running with overcoming various technical obstacles. In General, the parkour. The weapons are not in the first place, although they faith use is able. Among other gaming attractions to the almost complete absence of screen information, making the world of Mirror's Edge even more addictive and bright palette, which also increases the intensity of emotions. In addition, the gamer sees not only the hands, and feet of faith, which is rare for games in the first person, and this is such. Run!

Features of Mirror's Edge:
- Innovative system of movement for first-person action. Faith knows parkour. The game is all based on the selection of the optimum speed depends on the successful execution of the jump, trick.
- Faith are not obliged to enter into battle, the more unequal. She perfectly owns her body, so it can just run away. But sometimes you just need to cut down the policeman, the girl will do it more than impressive!
- Breathtaking believability. The player hears the breathing, feels the vibrations of a body, he literally sees through the eyes of the heroine, feels like strikes, regardless of whether they are drawn to the faith or she inflicted on them. In addition, weapons and other items will interfere with running and stunts, so it was said that it is not important.

Trailer / Gameplay:


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