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16.02.2016, 02:19
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System requirements:


Miscreated game download torrent need because — this is another game about postapokalipsis, it has mutants, radiation and other attributes of the consequences of the disaster. The peculiarity of the project to the maximum immersion in virtual reality. Here the clock is ticking in harmony with the geography of the area servers to the player; climate varies from hot to cold, from dry to wet, from clear to hazy; huge space — 64 square kilometers — allows to find many useful things. It is impossible not to be interested! Now imagine how will be interested in the full version, as long as only Miscreated early access, which opened in October 2014. Development is lead by Entrada Interactive LLC.

The history of the world:
According to the history of Miscreated to the year 2089 and other nuclear war has destroyed a huge portion of people survived only 100 million But the population continues to decline, aided by mutants and natural disasters. The player assumes the role of one of the survivors, in his way will constantly meet people that are managed by other gamers — it is about the online action and the simulation of life after a global catastrophe. And alive after this date will be hard to leave — they all want to take each other's water, food, flashlight, etc. By the way, all this will have to search long in dilapidated houses and other dangerous places. However, here each meter threat — created a dynamic system of meetings with the mutants, bloodthirsty animals and other "friendly" creatures.

You need to create:
You should not hope that in the lockers and on the shelves there all ready — you need to create useful things for yourself, why there is a crafting system. We emphasize again that the focus on realism is the basis of Miscreated. So here after the death of a character loses their stuff (though they can be time to return, having found the body), a virtual VoIP connection sometimes fades out, has a comprehensive system to store inventory and there are still dozens of intriguing features connected with decent graphics. I can confidently say that miscreated download through a torrent in Russian you will in 2015.

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