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Mount and Blade (2012) PC torrent

07.11.2016, 11:17
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
RAM: 512 MB
Video card: at least 64 MB of VRAM
Hard drive: 700 MB available space

Mount and Blade History of the Hero, it's a universal game, which is quite unusual and funny genre, incorporating elements of role-playing and large-scale strategy. If before Mount and Blade was offered only a simple gameplay and a small virtual world, now this game will open opportunities for a player who can go far and long journey of the middle Ages, where he can do whatever his heart desires.

Download Mount and Blade History of the Hero torrent all you need is a simulator of a feudal Lord in the middle Ages, which will become a mercenary, free traders or a rogue, Yes, all of these roles are not class features, you'll really be able to deal with such cases and try to put together yourself capital and reputation. But remember that thieves always have to stay in the shade, and honest lords can Shine career ladder, which will allow become a knight Lord, but in the end even to the castle in their possession. Quite interesting possibility, isn't it? But do not hurry, as a personal castle in Mount and Blade unlocks new game elements, including strategy development and military protection. You Lord are obliged to monitor their settlement, train troops, to look for food, to trade, to look for equipment for the army, etc. So you should prepare for total control with subtle and interrelated rules of the game.

The combat system in Mount and Blade, which offers users not only to develop your character and learn different tricks of combat craft. But Mount and Blade makes it possible, and to command huge armies of hundreds of warriors. Battles in Mount and Blade is a real-time, keeping the magnitude and even the ability to storm the fortress. In addition, you will be able to develop your troops and your character in the role-playing system, improving the performance and the various parties of warriors. Don't worry about the variety of combat classes, which abound in the game, ranging from simple foot soldier, ending with archers and heavy knights. Mount and Blade is a unique game that is worthy of the attention of many players and you don't have to be the exception, especially considering that you have a wonderful opportunity to go into this virtual world right now.

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