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Oort Online (2017) PC torrent

03.02.2016, 15:12
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In 2015 it is planned to launch the alpha version of the new large-scale MMORPG from the company's independent developers "Wonderstruck Games". Game project started back in 2013 and the beta version is already being tested. However, this is just cute square colorful world with minimal content and features. But Oort Online download via torrent definitely worth it because the developers very, very pretentious.

It is planned to create the following:
- High quality graphics in the near and far displaying regardless of the performance of the computer.
- Depth of field with the tendency to dynamical changes.
- Ample opportunities for a variety of crafting and construction of dwellings and territories.
- Ability participants to join in the Guild to optimize the extraction of resources, interaction with other worlds and so on. Yes, it is worth saying that in the game there are several independent worlds, not biomes, as is done in most similar projects.
- A large number of occupations (from hunter to a stock trader), skills to perfect and hone.
Game Oort Online, download with torrent it will be possible soon.

Unfortunately, the pretension of the developers lies not only in the plane of the scale of their project. For full access to the alpha project is required to pay 95 dollars. In this regard, the gamer will have to think several times before deciding on such an important step in its gambling activities.

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