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14.04.2016, 17:18
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Private Studio American Hi-Rez Studios has released three successful project and is now working on a fourth — Paladins. The release of the game tentatively scheduled for 2016, details are few, but some-what known. So, Paladins is a multiplayer shooter with strategy elements. It will be distributed by the model free-to-play, have the opportunity to become a participant of the closed beta test, you can sign up on the official website of the project.

Paladins offers the gamer a traditional mission (maybe in the future there will be new): protection your own base, destroying the opponent's base, capture strategic points. The characters are very original. To meet them also on the official website. Original and Paladins in the setting, he combines ancient magic with the technology of the future. Yeah, and generated its own energy fireballs, and created with the latest technology laser guns will converge on one battlefield! Speaking of fights. Take place they will be in the tropical jungle amongst ancient buildings.

Download torrent Paladins need more because the game has another interesting feature — collectible cards that will improve combat and logistics abilities of the characters. The developers claim that in addition to the unique weapons each character will be individual and transport that contribute to a more effective and certainly a spectacular movement across the terrain. And in the role of transport will speak and mounts. What is not reported.

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