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03.02.2016, 16:09
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Who would have thought that a game with a pretty name Pamela might be in the horror genre, but that was the idea the developers seem small Studio NVYVE decided to break the stereotypes.

The game's plot – the city of Eden was to become, after which it was named – a Paradise where everything is perfect, with the highest progress in technical and humanitarian fields. Must...but is not, even though installed to maintain order and control AI Pamela, because the people of this idyll simply started to go nuts – people have become overly aggressive and attack each other and otherwise run amok, and with this mechanism, as he was not promoted, can not handle. In order to cope with these events, Pamela opens the cryo tube where sleeping is not yet insane person – in fact, our main character. In General, force yourself to download the game via torrent Pamela, as this is a very exciting game.

Game features Pamela:
- Huge world, which is fully available for research.
- Pamela will help you to survive in the new environment.
- Expect danger from any side and primarily from residents of the beautiful city.

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