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09.01.2017, 19:01
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A huge game series called know almost every fan of this kind of entertainment. And while Valve hide all the forces of information regarding Half-Life 3, the fans throw their forces and create interesting projects. how many were created mods and personal stories, but the best quality project of all was the game Prospekt, which was supported by the developers of the original series games. Yes, now this famous and high quality modification for the game Half-Life: Opposing Force is available on Steam for a symbolic price.

Prospekt – tells the story of how Adrian Shepard went to the most secure prison, which turned out to be Gordon Freeman. Our hero will have to fight, solve various puzzles and look for Gordon in the maze of this prison. Players are waiting for an unforgettable shooting, routine, which after many years still looks quite nice, and familiar characters from the original version of the game.

Currently on Steam the game is available with 10% discount, so the full cost of the game will be about 250 rubles, which is not so expensive for such a quality game. I hope that Valve will pay attention to and support other interesting projects, which affect their original game project that is sure to provide plenty of opportunities for talented developers. Meantime, you can support the talented person buy the game and enjoy the story. This game is a direct proof that having the already familiar models, interior and other details of the original game, you can create a whole new, exciting story, so download the game Street through a torrent, we recommend to all.

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