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Quest Hunter (2017) PC torrent

19.04.2018, 18:54
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System requirements:


OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 and above
Processor: 1.4 GHz or higher
RAM: 1 GB of RAM
Graphics card: with Shader 3.0 support
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk space: 1 GB

Quest Hunter-amazing virtual world in which there is no light, the fire is valued higher than gold, and the shovel is the only useful item. Against the background of all this diversity you have to perform the most complex and unpredictable tasks, try to find new items of equipment and try to determine their ambitions. The main thing is not to lose hope in the best and try to use all available opportunities, as well as the tools of your adventure. But first you should download Quest Hunter via torrent for free.

You have to do the following in the vast game:
1. At first it is necessary to get experience and good weapons.
2. Try to find your nice area in this dark world.
3. Don't forget to grab the free territory.
4. You can take advantage of the help friends or comrades.
5. Remember that your camp can be attacked, strengthen it.
6. Destroy enemies and do not leave them a chance of survival.
7. Remember that treasures are hidden everywhere and you need to try to find ihz.
8. And try to solve the riddle of this world.

Feature of game:
1. Long storyline.
2. Complete freedom of action in a fantasy world.
3. There is an opportunity to influence the storyline.
4. There is some choice in the dialogs.
5. Generation of locations and dungeons.
6. Huge selection of uniforms.
7. You can upgrade your weapons.
8. Dynamic fights.
9. Availability of skills and super abilities.
10. Bosses and countless monsters.
11. A huge number of additional tasks.
12. The crafting system.
13. The presence of humor in the game.
14. Light is the only way to protect yourself.
15. Treasure hunt!


Trailer / Gameplay:


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