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Ravenfield (2017) PC torrent

23.05.2018, 00:17
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System requirements:


OS: Windows XP SP2
Processor: 2 GHz or Faster
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Video card: Intel HD 3000
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk space: 1 GB

Ravenfield is a first-person shooter developed by SteelRaven7 Studio. This time the development team decided to slightly expand the boundaries of the new for yourself and try to surprise fans of multiplayer shooter. Therefore, this time the players are waiting for constant battles between players in the team format and military themes. However, you should not expect from the game of modern graphics, innovative technologies and a large scope for activities. If you decide to download Ravenfield via torrent for free, you will become part of a simple virtual universe, which is created for entertainment and a small share of excitement.

Again the military theme
As we have noted above, you have to fight with a bias in the military theme, therefore, you can expect a wide range of weapons, which included pistols, assault rifles, weapons for close combat, sniper rifles and more. Each weapon has its own characteristics and is used at certain points of the location. No, you can use weapons everywhere, however, not everywhere it is so effective.

The second feature of the game is the presence of military transport, which can serve as a means of transportation and means of weapons. Various desert buggies, tanks, planes and jeeps with machine guns. All this is available to each side of the conflict, however, it is still necessary to fight with the opponent for the right to own transport, and no one gives a guarantee that the transport will not explode in the heat of battle.

Two parties to the conflict
Before you go to the battlefields, it is worth considering which side of the conflict to take. There are red soldiers and blue, they are absolutely the same in terms of ideology and in terms of weapons, except that the external color distinguishes them. You can choose any side of the conflict and try to lead her to victory. But do not rush to plunge into the abyss of PvP confrontation, as at first we recommend PvE mode. It is fully inhabited by bots and will allow a good practice before a serious sortie on the battlefield. And as soon as you get all the necessary skills and knowledge, you can go to a real massacre with other players.

You need to download the game Ravenfield torrent as-this is a great opportunity not only to relax a little, but also to play with your friends in a nice and not so difficult shooter. There is everything for entertainment, except that there is no modern graphics, all presented in the form of cubes and a small amount of paint. But nevertheless, this concept does not spoil the overall experience of the game.

Features Ravenfield:
1. Each user is available to a wide range of weapons. This time you will have the opportunity to use not only personal weapons, but also to select it on the battlefield.
2. The technique in the game is presented as a nice addition and an important tactical advantage. Manage transport is quite easy, so do not have to spend precious time to learn the secrets of management.
3. Each soldier in the game is endowed with additional skills, including assistance to the wounded and a transport mechanic. It is enough to arm yourself with a wrench and repair a broken fighting vehicle. And if suddenly the enemy appears, then no one forbids the use of a wrench as a weapon.


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