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Ray’s the Dead (2017) PC torrent

17.08.2016, 15:32
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Gamers accustomed to thinking of zombies as monsters, which you do not want to regret. However, Ragtag Studio using game Ray's the Dead wants to show everyone that the walking dead is unique, because he was a man. The main character is called ray. The story focuses on his life and to death, and after it, what happened was a tragedy for a reason, for her, someone is. Becoming zombies, ray wants to know the culprit of his death. To investigate and to punish the offender will help him other walking dead. Detachment is necessary to properly manage it's slow but purposeful. Yeah, Ray's the Dead is an entertaining indie strategy.

Features Ray's the Dead:
- In order to win, gamers have to think a lot as a zombie.
- The game immersed in the disco era — the 1980s. the Music is catchy!
- Every zombie is unique — someone stronger, someone smarter. Enjoy!
- Workers Ragtag Studio has proved that it is always possible to come up with unusual plot.

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