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06.04.2016, 23:36
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Tourist companies did not offer Charter flights, allowing you to travel back in time. However, this possibility gives the game Reset from the Finnish Studio Theory Interactive. Through this project, the gamer will be able not only to "rewind" the life of the protagonist, but also to explore the exotic island of substantial size — an area of 16 sq. km. This land is fictional, but for credibility it is reported that it belongs to the Galapagos archipelago. The island has not only natural objects, but also the city. All area is open initially.

Reset is a puzzle game. The proposed task cannot be solved in one step — it will be twice or several times to move between the past and the future. The result was a real cooperative game, even if it is for one person. The stronger gamer could get used to the role, to observe what is happening, he will in the first person. The process is divided into more than 30 missions. The procedure can be arbitrary, so are the opens, like a puzzle. Thus to understand everything, it is not enough to perform the job — is not to forget on the way to collect bits and pieces of information.

Workers Studio Theory Interactive does not hide the fact that they inspired a low-budget, but amazing films as "the Moon 2112", "Cube". The authors say that the gameplay is much like a Reset applied in Portal, but the mechanics seemed more similar to that used in The Misadventures of P. B. Winterbottom and similar games. No doubt, this is a bright sci-Fi project. Now it is on beta stage.

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