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27.11.2017, 20:14
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System requirements:


DirectX: Version 9.0 c
Disk space: 500 MB

Riverbond is a fun and exciting action adventure in which you have to fight with cute enemies, turning everything in its path in a tiny kubra in this charming voxel world.

Meet the inhabitants of the world, Riverbend and start a heroic campaign against the evil that has descended upon the peaceful land. Explore the rich world, find new weapons and treasures, and fight deadly bosses. Whether you and your friends become the legendary heroes of Riverbend?

Play alone or with friends
Play Riverbond, download which torrent, is allowed not only in single player mode, but in full co-op mode adventure in which can participate up to 4 people!

Destructible cubic world
We have already mentioned that you can chop, cut, and literally wreak havoc in the charming voxel environment? Destroy everything you see and enjoy advanced physics.

You will meet many characters in Riverbond who need your help. Can you do these quests?

Weapons! Battle! Bosses!
Find hundreds of weapons and melee in hidden chests and pick the ones that suit your style of play to defeat ordinary enemies and dangerous bosses.

Treasures and collectibles
Deciding to Riverbond download torrent free, you will receive a rich world full of secrets that are just waiting for you. It's time to go on an epic adventure!

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