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04.04.2016, 19:36
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FX Polish artist Tomasz Dutkiewicz new to the world of video games will not name. He worked on Alien Rage and Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 and over... simply put, over many games. Therefore, hardly anyone was surprised, waking up in the morning and found that Tomasz Dutkiewicz and his colleagues created their own campaign on Kickstarter. It aims at supporting Sacred Agony of horror that sends in the most terrible place in the underworld.

Sacred Agony the main character doesn't want to put up with their lot, he aimed to leave the underground world. No wonder, because the hero is a tortured soul, and amnesiac. To escape she must find the Red goddess, ruler of one of the deepest parts of the dungeon. However, the demonic guards will not allow this. Deal with them with brute force will not work, you need a trick. Here will come the ability to possess different creatures, including the demons themselves.

Here will share the details and tell you about those who may become weary soul:
- First, essential showers. Will they turn out to briefly soar above the surface and acquire invisibility.
- Secondly, the sufferers-the people. They are very fragile, but perfectly solve puzzles, know how to use the fire, swim, interact. In addition, people are able to move very quietly. But if they notice the demonic guard, escape will not work...
- Thirdly, demonic creatures. It is clear that they are supernaturally strong, but so difficult to manage. The energy of these creatures get by using hearts... I Think details are not needed.

Tomasz Dutkiewicz's not working alone, he has assembled a team consisting of 18 people. For the realization of ideas requires an amount of 544 thousand euros. The campaign will end in late August. It started not so successfully, despite the original story and gameplay, support the three major platforms and modern graphics built using the Unreal Engine 4. However, if all goes well, the release will be in December next year. Note that download torrent Sacred Agony will not be soon, work started not long ago — even in the winter. Tomasz Dutkiewicz carefully created videos, long engaged in studying the opinions of gamers and professionals. And overall is that this project is interesting and unusual.

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