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Scum (2018) PC torrent

06.12.2017, 22:11
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OS: Windows 7 or later

If you want to enjoy a pleasant entertainment in the direction of survival, so you have a great opportunity to go on a long adventure and try to achieve success using a variety of tools and weapons in the game and Scum. At this time you have to take on the role of a criminal who got a chance to reduce his term of imprisonment. However, for this it is necessary to try to survive in a special reality show called TEC1. It is necessary to fight with other criminals and try to survive, the only win the award. Regarding the effect, then you need to play spectacular and interesting to the audience squeal with delight.

Download Scum torrent free mono will be very soon. In addition to a large open-world, you will need to develop your character, try to pick up and look for weapons and not to forget that any item that can save your life, the main thing correctly to use it. Regarding other criminals, their role will take other players, the end result is a kind of PvP session game. You only have to decide on this adventure and try to achieve success. Good luck!


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