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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts (2019) PC torrent

16.11.2018, 20:56
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Polish Studio called City Interactive is known for its developments in the genre of first-person shooter, which are positioned as the only simulator of sniper shooting. Not so long ago, the team released the creators of the third part of the adventure Thriller, which received not so flattering reviews, but nevertheless the game still managed to keep afloat all fans of the game series. Now the developers have decided to reconsider all their plans and offer a new part of the adventure called Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, which will fix not only the concept of the game, but also allow to regain faith in the game series.

The plot plot of the game adventure has not yet been revealed, as the developers have so far created the basis, but surely the story will be based on the confrontation against terrorist forces. But the plot of the game is a little worried fans, as a real pleasure they received exclusively from the gameplay. So do not entertain yourself with different thoughts and just wait for the opportunity to Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts download torrent on your PC.

Special attention should be paid to the new concept, which will return the game to the model of large locations. The developers decided to abandon the large open world and focus on the study of each individual location, which will be a separate task. Now players will be able to take contracts, go on a mission, perform it and receive a reward. In principle, a similar system was observed in the early versions of the game series, so fans will be delighted. By the way, the ability to re-pass the available mission will remain that will deal with the farm resources and setting records. So you can now start waiting for the game and as soon as it comes out, feel free to download Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts via torrent from our website. All the best to you!

Feature of game:

  • new spaces to play;
  • improved graphics component;
  • a whole set of new weapons;
  • high level of optimization;
  • return to the origins of the game series.

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