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22.02.2016, 18:29
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If you are bored with standard spyware projects with dynamic chases and constant firefights, Spy Party is exactly what you need. It's a video game about spies totally different type. I have to say, it multiplayer, but players only two. Before moving on to the fun part, we describe the setting: the formal reception of the 1960s. Yes, those times are reminiscent of the atmosphere surrounding the objects, outfits, and behavior of the guests.

After which, a reception, and who attended. The main thing is to get important information and stay recognized. You should make a reservation that it is important for a spy, whose role will perform one of the players. He will be given the boss a few jobs that will allow you to learn the necessary information. Spy, as expected, should be lost in the crowd and behave naturally, otherwise the job will fail.

The second player needs to recognize the agent and kill him. He will play the role of a sniper. Sniper watching the scene outside through the large Windows. He can learn a party guests from afar, overlooking at once the whole room, or through a rifle sight, peering into the faces, and carefully monitoring the actions of the people. In General, torrent download Spy Party is for everyone, as the concept of the game is very interesting. This is an unusual project!

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