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Stalker Clear Sky (2008) PC torrent

04.02.2016, 01:16
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System requirements:


Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP /Vista / 7
Processor: Intel Core Duo E6400 2.4 GHz / AMD 64 X2 4200+
RAM: 4 Gb
Video card: 1024 Mb nVidia GeForce / ATI Radeon
Sound card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0 with
Free space on hard disk: 12 GB

Release 22 August 2008 from the Ukrainian developing company "GSC Game World" - the background of the events "S. T. A. L. K. E. R.: Shadow of Chernobyl". A prequel, revealing the secrets of – "Stalker clear Sky ". 2011. The group "Clean sky" the main mission to get to the shooter and the fates they get the mercenary Scar, moonlighting as the conductor and got the new release. However, emissions per territory are not uncommon, and that is, they often determine the future course of events. And while the hunt for the Shooter began...

The advantages and features of the game
1. Game genre: sci-Fi first person shooter with elements of survival and role-play and if you have not played it then now is the time to download Stalker clear Sky torrent with the original version of the game just for free.
2. Game mode: single multiplayer.
3. Game platform: Windows.
4. Twelve a full game locations, many of which are recreated on the basis of actually existing objects in the area of the exclusion zone: Swamps, Cordon, Garbage, AgroProm Underground, Dark valley, Yantar, Red forest, Military warehouses, Limansk, Abandoned hospital, Chernobyl.
5. A large number of mutants, playable characters and weapons.
6. The ability of the main character making decisions that affect the storyline.

"Stalker clear Sky 1.5.10" - revealing the secrets!

Trailer / Gameplay:


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