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Stellar Overload (2017) PC torrent

06.03.2016, 20:09
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Cubic worlds is not so common in the gaming market, but all the projects that are currently on it, have a leap of popularity and is still holding on to TOP best games like it happened with Minecraft. So far no one has been able to surpass the popularity of the game, however, don't be so sure that this will never happen, for example, expect a game called Stellar Overload, which promises to surpass Minecraft and to occupy a leading position in the ranking. This project has a cubic style of graphic design, but it also greatly expands the scope of the game world, opportunities and freedom.

Stellar Overload is a virtual adventure in a cubic universe that this time is not limited to just one the worlds. In this game there will be dozens, if not hundreds of different planets to explore, colonize and build there own buildings. Yes, the scale of construction at this time will surpass themselves, why one should prepare for this unusual moment. But to go to other planets, you must create a space ship that can overcome these huge distances. As for the ship would need fuel, etc. From this follows the thread of crafting and resource extraction, which now will also rise.

In addition to the various weapons and clothes, you can craft a nuclear power station, various transportation and more. The crafting recipes are calculated in the whole thousand varieties. What is already talking about the possibilities of construction, where you can create different materials of walls, doors, Windows, fences, gardens, workshops and more.

Download Stellar torrent via Overload we advise everyone who's played minecraft – a new, ambitious and quite an interesting entertainment, which allows you to have another look at cubic worlds and their possibilities. Now you will not have the capacity, now you can do whatever you want and don't forget that Stellar Overload is created on the Unreal Engine 4, allowing you to enjoy beautiful graphics, despite its sebicnost.

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