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03.02.2016, 00:46
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Sub Rosa — shooter in which graphics is not worth it in the first place. The picture is very, very concise. But that makes the charm of gangster dismantlings. Yes, and it is dedicated to the project. Another interesting feature is that fighting is not two teams but three. Try to transmit the essence of the matter. Thus, there are three gangs: gold, blue and grey. One there is no cache, but there is a disk that you need, it's money are found.

The third gang has nothing, but wants everything. Roles are constantly changing. Points are awarded for the right. Even more points rack up the team, which also lost nothing. There is another mode. His point is that that ill-fated drive to third, or rather fourth persons controlled by a computer. Need to get him at any cost! Believe me, Sub Rosa download via torrent need to try all, play it is very fun! The phrase about all brilliant is the best characterized Sub Rosa.

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