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Tale of Ronin (2018) PC torrent

23.09.2017, 21:11
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If you missed the role-playing adventure, we suggest you to pay attention the next game project from the Studio Dead Mage, which bears the name Tale of Ronin. This game development has a genre of role-playing games and allows you to go adventure in the era of the samurai. But don't rejoice, as the vastness of the game will tell a very different side of the lives of these great warriors. But just note that the release of the game will take place in 2017, this means that very soon it will be possible to download the Tale of Ronin torrent free.

Have you ever wondered who is ronin? In fact it is a samurai who left his master betrayed him or simply ran away from the service. Once it becomes clear that the life of the samurai was difficult and demanded tough action against the oncoming soldiers. Usually, they became mercenaries and freely traveled the world, only occasionally looking at the city, as the reputation of the ronin spread around the world at a breakneck pace.

About the game project, the player will take control of a small number of these warriors and go on a big adventure that will tell a lot of new details and try to uncover the fantastic side of Japan. While it is known that exactly have to fight with other samurai tactical turn-based combat. As for fantastic creatures, something about them while there is no information, but most likely they will appear in the future.

Tale of Ronin – an attempt to tell about the great won as samurai, who were the captives of their own destiny. And when they decided to be free, it caused all sorts of curses on their heads. And now, each player will be able to go a long way for this adventure.


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