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TauCeti Unknown Origin (2018) PC torrent

07.10.2017, 17:56
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Studio BadFly Interactive, which mainly engaged in the development of indie projects and is the author of the game Dead Effect 2, I decided to take on something more Grand and large. They decided to release a game project called TauCeti Unknown Origin, which is a must visit modern gaming consoles and mobile devices. In addition, they intend to create a version for virtual reality glasses that will have a positive impact on the adventure. It remains only to wait for the release of the game and you can immediately download TauCeti Unknown Origin torrent free, to personally go to the unknown planet and try to survive surrounded by danger, war and mystical events.

Hidden Tau Ceti
It tells the story about a simple man who led a service in a space environment on the space station special. But disaster struck and he was forced to use a rescue module. However, instead of the house he got on a strange planet called Tau Ceti, which is not observed even on satellite maps. Armed with laser weapons, the main hero to explore this planet, to find a way to leave and survive. As it turned out, there are not so safe and almost every mistake can end in tears.

An increased level of danger
As it turned out, the planet is not that lifeless. The bulk of the population is a huge, aggressive insects who will try by all means to try to destroy anyone not like them. In addition, in the planet's interior an extraordinary mystical clan of people who worship a strange deity, and constantly battling insects. Consequently, the protagonist would be between a rock and a hard place, as neither of the parties is not happy to see a stranger on their lands. Try to survive and escape the planet until it was too late.


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