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04.01.2017, 03:12
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System requirements:


OS: Windows XP or 2000;
CPU: 1.4 Ghz or faster Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon processor;
RAM: 256 MB or more;
DVD Drive: Requires a 2x or faster DVD Drive;
Hard Drive: At least 5 GB of free space;
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card;
Video: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card - must have 64MB or more memory

The godfather is a landmark history that was created with the help of literary creativity, and then backed up movies. The godfather is an iconic story that has captured the minds of many fans of the Italian mafia, and despite the rather advanced age, this story continues to increase in popularity, amaze and inspire.

The mafia is a big crime family, which has different grades, relationships, voi conspiracies and other household situation. Yes, the main objective of this family is to capture regions, to influence business and drive other mafia. But, despite the fact that the adventure is full of killings, shootings and violence, it still finds a place for romance, love, loyalty, friendship, and other moral elements.

And now you'll be pleasantly surprised, as the light left the game on the subject called the Godfather. In this game you will become the lowest member of the mafia where you will have to prove himself and rising in status to become a confidant of the Godfather. But do not think that it will be thanks to your merits, it must be remembered that many members of the mafia will not approve you, someone wants to kill you, and someone on the contrary, will become your faithful companion. Be careful in choosing friends and remember, if you find yourself in danger, to pull the trigger first. We wish you good luck the future don!

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