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The Legend of Bum-Bo (2017) PC torrent

30.03.2016, 22:15
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The release of 2016 from the creators of acclaimed indie game "The Binding of Isaac" is a modern puzzle-shooter in the style of RPG: "The Legend of Bum-bo". The continuing adventures of beloved gamers of Isaac will be filled with new adventures and discovery of amazing secrets. However, to reach the goal, gamers will have to arm themselves to fight through the crowds of strange and aggressive creatures that inhabit surreal worlds.

Isaac have to go through the various locations and to choose our own destiny. And the fate will throw him a series of tests and a wide choice of weapons for their passage. A new portion of blasphemies from Edmund McMillan will impress atheistic-minded gamer.

Advantages and features:
- The game is an indirect sequel to "The Binding of Isaac".
- A large number of weapons and the presence of superhuman abilities in game character. Abilities as you progress through levels and find secret items.
- The levels are generated randomly, adding an element of surprise.
- You can download The Legend of Bum-bo torrent free and try out the game.
- The release contains several different endings, which will depend on the player's choice in the process of completing the levels.

The Legend of Bum-bo is still a little surreal mythology from the wizard of blasphemy!

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