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The Outer Worlds (2019) PC torrent

13.05.2019, 20:37
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Obsidian Entertainment once again decided to return the faith of users and hope for new game projects. This time the company together with the Studio Private Division are working on a game called The Outer Worlds. This new adventure is a mixture of adventure role-playing game and first-person shooter. At this time you have to go on an exciting adventure to the colony of people who have been the victim of a worldwide conspiracy. And all the villains would have happened, but now you stand in the way and only you can stop them. You have to explore the depths of space, meet with different groups and make a choice among them. Therefore, if you are ready for this, you should wait for the release of the game and The Outer Worlds torrent download from our website.

Feature of game:
  • the game has a unique system of role-playing adventure, where you will personally choose what will happen next, almost every decision you make will affect the next story, your every choice will determine the fate of the entire virtual world;
  • now you will be able to gain skills against the background of your weaknesses, for example, in the game you can often attack the same monsters that will almost hunt you down, it remains only to put a phobia associated with these monsters, and you will be significantly weak in front of them, but in return get a significant bonus for another direction;
  • you have to travel with a variety of satellites, each of which will be with unique abilities and skills, it remains only a little to figure out who will travel with you and do not forget to adjust to the style of adventure of your companion, so that no one died;
  • most of the adventure you will be engaged in research, so get ready to spend a lot of time on it, we offer you a good memorize the cards so you do not get lost and can find all the secrets available;
  • before you appear Alcyone – colony of life on the edge of the galaxy. it is not so perfect and it is on it to prepare a terrible conspiracy, you will explore this colony, perform tasks and gradually move through the story;
  • the ability to download The Outer Worlds torrent hacked version you will appear immediately after the release of the game, watch the news, and you will immediately get the opportunity to go on this adventure.
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