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15.02.2016, 01:03
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Civil war, 1861-1865 is one of the most difficult events in US history. The North fought the South, that is, Union with the Confederation. The Union forces had won. At what cost? Learn with the game War of Rights from the Studio Campfire Games. However, while the project only is developed, he has no publisher, and therefore the rich funding. But the good the gaming community is not left without attention of such a beautiful and interesting online shooter, it helps feasible to the creators.

Who appreciate the graphics don't get upset when you do decide to download War of Rights torrent free. The game is very beautiful because it uses the leading version of the graphics engine Cryengine. The game is interesting, because it allows you to take any of the warring parties and to see the battle at South Mountain, Antitime, harpers-ferry, Shepardstown. They occurred in the framework of the Maryland campaign of 1862. It is not excluded and the coverage of other events, and, therefore, there will be new maps. The server can accommodate hundreds of people, which guarantees the scale!

Development began in 2013. Now you can enjoy multiple videos and images. All the materials testify to the high quality War of Rights and indirectly hint at the high system requirements. But time to prepare is!

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