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04.02.2016, 00:57
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Online shooter – Warface offers the user an unforgettable fights in all corners of the world – it can be a large metropolis or forgotten civilization village. The interface is made so that the player did not feel difficulty in control of the character, fully immersed in the gameplay. Includes modes for single player missions, or team game, where each team member requires several skills – to listen and follow, though at the commander's responsibility to coordinate and allocate roles.

Game features:
- Fascinating gameplay will not let you close the game after the first minutes of launch.
- Selection of suitable character for the soul – four combat class, equipped with special equipment and each having individual skills.
- The game world is PvE is not in place, there are various updates, including added and various missions for passing a joint.
- The choice of a variety of modes, from classics to novelties.

Trailer / Gameplay:


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