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16.02.2016, 02:16
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We are waiting not only a game but a whole franchise that includes an animated picture and a comic. Based on the French novel Alain Damasio. In this work, reveals a world which is always raging winds, they are more than a physical phenomenon, it is magical. The Windwalkers game is devoted to the detachment of the Horde, who went to the land of Upper reaches, where born and powerful air flow. The film and the comic will continue the story.

The development is the company Forge Animation. The plans are huge, so she turned to the gaming community via Kickstarter. The idea is implemented, if there are at least 330 thousand dollars. And since the idea is original, no doubt. The Windwalkers project is a mix of action, survival, and role playing. Reported unprecedented dynamics that intrigues. Have to struggle not only with wind but also different fantastic creatures. Interest and adds complexity variable, generated world — we need to build a route so as not to go astray. And if you don't want to pay for the game then we will rejoice because Windwalkers download via torrent can we.

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