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11.05.2019, 17:58
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Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a computer game under active development by MachineGames. The release of the game is scheduled for 2019. According to the publisher, this part of the series will be the official spin-off of the Wolfenstein series. The game is a dynamic first-person shooter with interesting gameplay and high-quality graphics. A typical fine for fans of spectacular battles. Immediately after you will be able to download the torrent Wolfenstein: Youngblood from our website, and it is absolutely free. According to the developers, this spin-off will set a completely new vector of development of the whole series "Wolfenstein".

The story is tied to the events that begin after the end of the event The New Colossus. All game events take place in the 80s in a fictional Paris, captured by the Nazis.
More than 19 years have passed. BJ Blaskowitz literally ignited the flames of the Second American revolution. However, the Nazis do not stop and continue to advance actively. This time it will be in Paris. In the new part of the players will get acquainted with the new generation Blaskowitz. BJ was captured by the Nazis somewhere near the capital of France. One of his daughters goes in search of his father.

A series of "Wolfenstein" has always been famous for versatile gameplay. The developers decided not to betray their principles. You again have to plunge into the dynamic gameplay and fight with an army of cruel Nazis, using their own weapons. However, this time the players will not take control of the BJ, and one of his daughters. The girl goes in search of his father, who was captured by the Nazis near Paris. In the process of passing the story you are waiting for incredible plot twists and turns.
In the new part of the focus is on joint passage for two players.

Features of Game
  • New hero.
  • New mode of joint passage of the plot.
  • New level of graphics.
  • Huge variety of locations.
  • New types of opponents.
  • Unique samples of weapons.
  • Trailer / Gameplay:


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