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22.02.2016, 18:12
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Although the title informs about robots, at the same time it's a game about humanity. The first project of the Prague independent company WarDox shows an unexpected turn on the path of its development. World of Drones draws distant future: humans have conquered space, was thinking that we can colonize other planets, but in the end even on the surface of their own are unable to stay...

Traveling through the galaxy, the earth, the astronauts came across an alien.
They were very hostile. Humanoids gathered an army and began to destroy humanity. They drove him deep beneath the earth, there to strike a decisive blow... the Player is the sole survivor in the city. And he survived largely thanks to the drones. This flying robots, originally created for industrial purposes. Engineers then reclassified them into fighting machines. Have to take control of one of the robots and erased from the face of the earth high alien invaders!

World of Drones is an action game, apparently, tactical.
Probably, it has something of the RPG — until the past few years. However, it can be argued that this virtual world is not static — it dynamically changes. There will be campaign and multiplayer battles. It is created for PC and Mac, although not ruled out other platforms.

Overall, the project aims to demonstrate the close connection between man and high-tech machines.
You can even talk about a kind of friendship, because drones — the last ray of hope in this dark world! WarDox workers say that the opinion of the gaming community above all. Ideas so you can safely share... Download World of Drones torrent you can after the official release of the game we have.

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