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16.02.2016, 23:50
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World War Toons — and the last word of the title and trailer of this project informs us about his cartoon, though the cartoon hilarious, lets laugh over various funny military situations. The development of the project deals with Studio Reload. Here, perhaps, we cannot ignore the fact that he founded the Studio of former Infinity Ward employees, at the time, diligently working on the games in the series Call of Duty. This circumstance gives a right to hope that the military component of the project will be implemented at the highest level.

With graphics so good:
As for the realism and seriousness, in this case the direction is playful. Download torrent World War Toons needed for those who played Battlefield Heroes, as these games are very similar. By the way, Reload Studios is planning to offer us the opportunity of combat both as infantry and in the way of an impressive tank. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the most important thing — the game will support virtual reality devices. Rather, it is developed specifically for them, although normal mode is also present.

Interesting story:
The developers promise addictive gameplay and immersive with the head of the plot. They plan to present the virtual world in a completely new way, and some gamers have already managed to evaluate the first results of an interesting experiment. At the American exhibition of the gaming industry AGM, held on 22 March, visitors were offered a demo version of World War Toons gamers were satisfied. And yet there is still a lot of time to Refine and improve the project. By the way, the release date has not been revealed and the platforms too.

Executive producer at Reload Studios Pete Blumel shared: they always wonder what else is still new for the audience. Virtual reality devices steadily, but still slowly enter into the world of video games, so the Reload command is trying to create something new, to raise the bar of immersion in the process and feeling of presence to the highest level possible. Of course, to evaluate it by the trailer, you need to connect the 3D glasses, and such function is not provided. So while we can only wait for news about the release date or possibly the alpha launch, beta testing.

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