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31.07.2016, 15:14
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System requirements:


Processor: TBD
Graphics: TBD
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: TBD

Bossa Studios, the developer, known for such masterpieces as the simulator of the surgeon and the bread, decided to try out his new project World Adrift this feature as the lack of NPCs, a huge game world is completely cleared of mobs.

- The main focus of the project is to study the surrounding world into personally constructed aircraft and battle in the skies for them.
- According to the developers, the decision to exile the NPS was made to revive the original spirit of role-playing games.
- One of the interesting aspects of the new project include self-construction objectives and goals.
- The lack of NPCs is one of the reasons that the game will be one server on which you want to accommodate not only the entire game world, but for all users. In fact, the developers decided to create a virtual world that will live by the laws established by the players themselves, and without strict prescribed tasks.
- The game world will be open, the project is not closed at the level of character locations, partly because of the levels of the characters either.
- Creation of the game world is procedural, so instead of opening new locations, the developers plan only to Refine the existing world, to enable various parts.
- At the time of writing the launch date of the game project and a list of available platforms, developers have not yet announced, but we are sure that torrent download Worlds Adrift on the PC will be able every.

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