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A Little Less Desperation (2017) PC torrent

10.08.2016, 21:01
A Little Less Desperation (2017) poster

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To go to a new fascinating adventure offers the project A Little Less Desperation, the story is the following – while walking, one of the local farmers witnessed the landing of an unusual apparatus. Curiosity still prevails over fear, and Jacob (the name of our farmer), it is straight to the landing site, where he met up with Harold, an alien trapped in a pretty hopeless situation...And, of course, agrees to help him!

- Sending out a distress signal to friends Harold, Jacob is not only a Savior but also goes to a new, completely insane adventure through the galaxy.
- What awaits our hero? The vast world of galaxies, a journey into the alluring world of stars, and a lot of adventure and unlimited freedom.
- What awaits the user? Quality adventure game with a good set of interesting tasks, lots of humor and lots of interesting meetings.

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1 kevstrophic • 09:19, 10.03.2017
so where's the torrent file for this game?