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Battletoads (2019) PC torrent

03.07.2019, 00:35
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Battletoads is a restart of the original game, the essence of which is the battle with the endless streams of enemies on a special field located in the game space. Battletoads more refers to the genre of arcade games, so the design is made in a two-dimensional space, with a great emphasis on hand-drawn effects.

The plot component in Battletoads is quite simple - toads with unusual abilities confront hordes of monsters from parallel universes. The player will have endless battles in a variety of situations, as well as on different maps.

The gameplay is divided into the main stages:
  • Battle with monsters;
  • Confronting the boss;

    After successful completion of the main stages, the user gets access to a new level, which takes place in new locations. For each card it is necessary to use a unique strategy of fight as Battletoads is nonlinear, identical combinations can not work even two times in a row.

    Features of game:
    The project is made in the spirit of classic games from the late twentieth century, combining modern graphics and engine that provide a very dynamic and exciting gameplay. A great advantage of the game can be called a fantastic atmosphere, which is created thanks to the quality work of artists who have worked absolutely all the main game locations in Battletoads.

    Battletoads release date is scheduled for 2019!
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