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Black Mirror 2017 (2018) PC torrent

25.10.2017, 17:52
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Black Mirror – the cult adventure game in the genre of horror, which told an unusual story about a scientist who decided to explore their own fears. Now THQ Nordic has decided to revive interest in this game project and try to restore the popularity of horror among the players. All you can do is just wait for the release of the game and just download the Black Mirror torrent free.

A reflection of their own fears
If you are ready to face your fears face to face, then you can go on this adventure. This time you have to go in the huge mansion of his uncle, who hides not only treasure, but also a variety of artifacts inside. However, you are not the first person who decided to unravel all the secrets. Previously, many have tried to do this, however, all had one end – they went crazy.
Now you have to go is not so easy adventure and try to find the answers to all your questions. Remember that this world is filled with fear, horror, and various monsters that will play on your mind and psyche. Don't lose your mind, try to explore all your nightmares and crossed all barriers.

Black Mirror is a great opportunity to meet with legendary game for modern graphics. It plays an important role, as it perfectly captures the dark atmosphere and horror of what is happening. Don't forget that your fault can hurt others, try not to make hasty decisions. We wish you good luck!


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