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Coma A Mind Adventure (2017) PC torrent

22.02.2016, 18:24
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Coma Studios offers gamers stroll through the world of the mind. Specially for this it has developed the adventure game Coma A Mind Adventure. The action takes place in first person, so the hero we do not see, not see very. However, we do not see in this world there is no one around only the natural landscapes and strange objects like hanging in the air huge bowls, portals... In a presentation video is also often featured a ball, greatly resembling a tumbleweed. He probably will play an important role in the gameplay.

What should you do?
Of course, not just walk around these spaces. The developers have in store many fascinating puzzles. You know why we recommend you to download the torrent Coma A Mind Adventure? But the fact that the basis of solving problems inherent change of time of day and weather conditions of the surrounding area. And change them to be players. More precisely, such a powerful ability has got the protagonist, once in a coma. By the way, he got into it by accident, but it led to important developments...

Past hero was not without a terrible sin, and of different errors. Now his bad conscience, troubled with concern. While in a coma it was because of a serious car accident. And while his body lies in a hospital bed, his mind trying to find peace with himself and to make amends. The different actions in the subconscious is the key to salvation. When sins will be redeemed, the hero can return to normal life, finding peace of mind. However, Coma Studios have tried to make the achievement of this goal is not easy.

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