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17.02.2016, 23:16
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In 2013, the Studio Big Loop created the game Escape From 26. She quickly conquered a website that collects stick. The story talked about the birdcage at number 26. But it is not birds, and people... Now coming ideological continuation — DreamCage 28. It will be a great project for PC and mobile platforms. More precisely, I want to believe that, because it all depends on crowdfunding-campaign on the famous Kickstarter service. You will need the amount of 10 thousand $. If it is more 15 thousand $, you will see additional content, more 20 thousand $ — the second world. And so on...

The plot will once again send in the enclosed space.
Once his people realized that the Master Cells have disappeared, and now they are completely left to themselves. This freedom spoils, corrupts the world, closer to despair. But it's not too late to stop the dark fading of the world. The player's task — to create peace and understanding between the inhabitants of the cells at number 28. And the residents here are all unique. For example, Arman 136 — indistinguishable from a human robot, truly neutral or just very lonely, though malfunctioning, but he is sent to restore order. Or, to take the children of fisherman, they know more about their country. More than the gamer...

If the campaign is successful, download torrent DreamCage 28 will be in 2016.
The most generous backers can even get the evil twin. See that Big Loop Studio wants to create other worlds — DreamCage 29 and 32. In the story, the inhabitants first learnt to communicate with other "kitchenai". Residents of the second are in a cage, placed in another cell. So ideas the creators quite a lot, it would be great if they will be able to realize at least part of it. The fundraising will continue until may 12.

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