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06.02.2016, 22:14
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The name of the game announces that it will be about dreams. One man constantly in his imagination sees a girl. Once he has a chance to meet her — he finds himself in a parallel world of Demangling. There are a lot of gray, but there are also bright colors. The scenery is very concise. Also gamers will be interested in complex puzzles and scary places incidents...

This project was developed by an independent company Orange Valley. She promises to release him in the first half of 2015, in the 2nd quarter. You might think that the main source of inspiration for the Studio was the game Mirror's Edge, created by DICE. Probably, this is partly true, but not quite, because Dreaming is a fairy tale, but Mirror's Edge is an action.

The novelty also attracts the support of virtual reality technology, embodied with glasses Oculus Rift. Also we will add that Dreaming will be translated into three languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, General download game torrent do not hurt anyone.

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