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15.08.2016, 12:09
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Studio Golden Glitch develops an exciting adventure based on the famous story of Shakespeare that took place in the Danish castle of Elsinore. The game's plot, received an appropriate name — Elsinore, departs from a key theme of the narrative of the tragedy of "hamlet." The protagonist here is Ophelia, beloved of hamlet. The plot and gameplay is her terrible dream, warned that after 4 days all the inhabitants of Elsinore will be killed. Terribly worrying that the dream will be prophetic, Ophelia tries to change the course of events. But here's the thing, the girl falls into a time loop and every time it returns to the beginning of your dream. Will she be able to break out of this loop and save the Elsinore from unhappiness?

Elsinore — classic quest, built on the management of type point-n-click. Gamers have to activate your logical thinking and use it to the maximum. Every, even the most insignificant at first glance, Ophelia's action will invariably affect the course of events. After several cycles of experiencing these four days she will be able to know what actions to what end are. This will allow you to make the correct chain of action that will achieve the goal. Download torrent Elsinore will be in April 2016, visit the world of Shakespeare will be the owners of PCs running on any of the three major platforms — Windows, Linux and OS X.

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