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30.03.2018, 17:55
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7
Processor: I3
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Video card: GeForce 710 / GeForce 620m
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk space: 5 GB

Epic Tavern is a fantasy RPG in which you should operate under control lands from the tavern. Find heroes, send them on quests and collect rewards! Build a legendary tavern to attract heroes from all over this dangerous magical world. Assembling teams of brave men and sending them to the complex (and sometimes crazy) job, you affect the fate of the world and their own welfare in Epic Tavern!

Player selection: in Epic Tavern every quest you choose and every new hero can open access to new quests, new alliances, as well as characters, objects and upgrades for the tavern. As you progress through your experience grows, and each decision has a direct impact on the lives of fearless adventurers that you control!

Tavern owner: your tavern is the center of a world full of dangers, intrigues and endless adventures. Your actions affect the reputation of the tavern, where the heroes gather, which in the future will become real legends. It is here that real friendship is born and great adventures begin. Epic Tavern allows you to gradually change the world.

Adventurers: your tavern will be visited by a huge number of characters, divided into more than 20 classes. Mages, warriors, assassins and other heroes are at your disposal! Make friends with them for a couple of spirits and learn their secrets. And between quests, use their experience points to raise their levels, making them more dangerous and powerful.

World: Your new friends will go on quests to explore the world of Beor. All these tasks will eventually create a unique story that will depend on your style of passage. Epic Tavern expands the boundaries of the genre, creating a new model for the presentation of the plot, based on the classical techniques of RPG. All your actions almost instantly affect both the heroes themselves and the world.

Attract new heroes: Build a legendary tavern that will attract the attention of the greatest heroes of these lands. Make friends with them, offering them strong alcohol, and then hire heroes with skills that will be useful in the job.

Open quests: listen Carefully to conversations and rumors to use all the features and send the characters on new tasks.

Take a chance to download Epic Tavern via torrent and assemble your squad: Choose heroes based on their skills and advantages. Equip them with special weapons and relics, and then send them on epic quests.

Keep track of their progress: Watch your squad on the map to see in detail exactly how the task is performed. Each fight can either bring treasures or experience points, or end in tragedy and defeat.


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