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Forest of Sleep (2017) PC torrent

25.05.2016, 14:37
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Forest of Sleep – project-puzzle, but sets it apart from different games totally different, the game is created on motives of Russian fairy tales. The community welcomed the project in animation about heroes, which became a qualitative answer to various foreign cartoons. And now the gaming community seems to be such a project, however, can not but rejoice, in fact, the game will be a novelty on the background of all shooters, games about survival, space battles, sandbox and why not just release now. If you pay attention to the use of Russian characters in foreign projects, they are mainly represented by the villains, wishing, if not to destroy the world, enslave it.

- As characters are the characters familiar from Russian fairy tales, which, be known in the future.
- The output of the project is scheduled for 2016, it will be implemented for the game on PC and on tablet, about the other consoles data are not yet available.
- The main concept of the game is built on solving a variety of puzzles that will meet in the path of three heroes who went in Trilisate Kingdom. The path will be dangerous and interesting at the same time.
- The project is not implemented, the presence of a dialogue system, all communication occurs with gestures.
And a few words about the game world – locations made in the spirit of Russian fairy tales.

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