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Developed by the Assassin's Creed team, Gods & Monsters is very much like a cross between this game and Zelda's last great adventure, connected by a thread of classic Greek myths. Located on the "Island of the blessed", you will play the role of a customizable hero in a large open world. Players can use both classic weapons and special abilities that can be developed with increasing character level.

Gods and monsters is firmly established in the world of Greek mythology. The main character, Phoenix, is sent to the Island of the Blessed to save the Olympians from Typhon and his demons. When you begin this epic journey, you will be accompanied by a storyteller, the legendary author Homer. Players are waiting for bright combat events with epic creatures such as Minotaurs, Gorgons and Cyclops.

In Gods & Monsters to the fore bright graphics and numerous puzzles. For its passage is necessary to master the mechanics of control to explore every corner of this amazing world. There are double and triple jumps at your disposal, as well as a top-down attack in the air to reach higher points on the map.

Features of game
Gods & Monsters has an open world, larger than Assassin's Creed Syndicate and a non-linear plot, in which the further development of events depends on the actions of the player. On the map there are different biomes, as well as the cave depths of the Greek underworld, in which there is a gloomy atmosphere of death.

Gods & Monsters release date is scheduled for 2020!

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