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Karma. Incarnation 1 (2016) PC torrent

16.05.2016, 20:07
Karma. Incarnation 1 (2016) poster

System requirements:


OS: 7/ 8 / Vista / XP SP3
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel GMA 3000
Hard Drive: 700 MB available space

Oh, and spun the same story...the developers Gave users the game quest – like everything is fine, we pass quests, collect rewards, improve something and enjoy...but no, the story of the incarnation of the spirit of Pipa, which the Dormant Spirits gave life, so only you can get it previously played in Karma, and in the end we have...worm Pipa...whose goal is the reconciliation of the peoples among whom the wars are fought constantly, and in addition you also need to save the world.

- Available pipu special skill – astral vision, due to which many problems it solves, then the prompts will take, the thoughts of the population read it, and even spirits Yes, ghosts talk.
- Welcome Il Evil? To choose multiple jobs can a world create, and it is possible and to sow chaos.
- Pay your bills. I chose, and then get. 've chosen the dark path – get the spikes but the horns on the body. Here they are karmic debts...And people get scared, and may need to escape character, sending the hero on an additional task.
- Watch and remember, to read not give. All events are held in visual order, text options are not available.
- Allow yourself torrent download Karma Incarnation 1 and look, listen, enjoy – animated unique events, great music, the latest, by the way, directly from the concert, Smerdova" made you.

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