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24.01.2020, 18:53
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 4170 / AMD A8-7600
Video card: NVIDIA GTX 660 / AMD R9 270
Disk space: 6 GB

Lightmatter is a science-fiction puzzle game in which you will have to go as an invited guest to the laboratory of an unusual scientist who has developed a new technology that generates energy…

The game takes place in the laboratory of a scientist named Virgil, and you will play the role of an invited guest in the story, who was offered a free tour of the laboratory and the world created in it to get acquainted with the results of an unusual experiment. In the role of the main character, you will find yourself in a world created on the basis of new technology for generating endless energy. The local world lives its own life, it is beautiful and mysterious, but at the same time very dangerous. In general. it will be interesting…

What's really cool is the atmosphere you have to play in. Going to the same laboratory, you will find yourself in a world in which shadows and darkness absorb and kill. But this is not the main thing – the main thing is that you will need to go through the whole world up and down and survive, focusing only on the light, and this, believe me, is very interesting.

In General, the gameplay here is not too complicated, and offers a fairly simple scheme. In first-person view mode, you will explore a huge laboratory filled with traps, physical puzzles, mazes, and more. Your task is simple-to get from point " A "to point "B". Nothing complicated, as it may seem, but in fact everything is not as rosy as you would like. First of all, you can only walk in the illuminated areas. Second, shadow and darkness in Lightmatter kill. And third, in some cases, you will have to work hard playing with light-puzzles are based on physics.

In other words, you will find yourself in a series of puzzles, as in "Portal". But now you will not have to play with portals, but with light and shadows. Try to survive the experiment, learn about its goals, and most importantly, learn about the world as you have not seen it before.

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