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28.08.2016, 11:23
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The shaman or medium – can be named anything, actually it does not change, because you available a hidden underworld, where spirits inhabit. Using such a kind of gift and your own tricks, you have to go through three layers of the universe, the first of which is the world inhabited by dead souls and the ancient gods. The name is still to play, the action takes place on the lands of Perm Tschudi, your avatar is closeclose may met on the DIY Perm masters.

The gameplay is divided into two worlds – the one inhabited by humans and the one inhabited by the dead, though the worlds are separated, but in the meantime are in strong interaction with each other, that actually built the gameplay. The main character is not accessible jumping or attacking, but he can always choose a more acceptable world.

Why try to Mooseman download via torrent:
- Unique atmosphere and total immersion.
- Mysterious and dark world, where behind every corner lurks undiscovered secret.
- Mythical story, taken from legends of the Finno-ugrah.
- Visual images showing the history of the game.
- Comfortable and easy control, complex and intricate puzzles.

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