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24.03.2018, 17:51
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Dual-Core
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Video card: Intel HD 4000
Disk space: 8 GB

The main character of the game Night in the Woods ("Night in the woods") — cat may. Not simple, but humanized cat. She absorbed all the qualities that are inherent in adolescents: stubbornness, vigor, disobedience, curiosity, the desire to change the world. However, among the cats of such nature a lot. May have to explore a small town and uncover its secret. This will be fun thanks to the inimitable cartoon graphics and dynamics of the process. By the way, Night in the Woods — multi-platform adventure game with clear features platformer. Developed by Infinite Fall Studio focused on story, characters, secrets. The heroine rushes on roofs, has fun with friends, gets acquainted with citizens. All these simple actions will eventually help to look at the city differently...

About the plot of Night in the Woods:
Something already clear, now will tell much detail. Mei once left your town and went to College. Training she quickly bored and she decided to return to his former life. Only the old life already not will become. It's like something clicked in my head (heart, soul...) in may. She had grown up, friends have grown up and the city is not as if aged, and it can happen because of the mysterious forest on the outskirts. Some live there power their plans for may and for all of all. Therefore, peace can not expect to fight. The heroine suddenly had unique abilities that will help her cope with a mysterious force. Or will not help?


Trailer / Gameplay:


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