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02.02.2016, 21:16
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System requirements:


OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Pentium III/Athlon 800 MHz
Memory: 384 MB RAM
Video card: 32 MB memory
Hard Drive: 1.8 GB

Quest games have interesting jobs orientation selected by the subject, the presence of all sorts of puzzles and other paraphernalia, creating a unique atmosphere. In Pathologic the theme of the game was a terrible disease – the plague that gripped the city, and if you take no action, then certainly the infection will spread around the world. Users are encouraged to become saviors and to spare people from suffering.

Game features Pathologic 2016:
- The three main characters – three story lines, have to deal with one problem but in different ways:
a) Chartered scientist from the main city, his treatment is based on research in the field of medicine.
b) a Descendant of the shaman, with faith in the power of the various rituals, purifications, and other things to treat those suffering from the disease.
C) Girl-Indigo, with strange powers that people's opinion about her was divided – for someone it is almost a Holy deity who heals with just one touch, for the rest – just another you lunatic, which the city enough.
- In addition to concerns about the city and its inhabitants, it is necessary not to forget about the character – to provide the food, necessary medications and avoid dangerous and infested by bandits.
- This game was very good so download Pathologic 2016 via torrent worth it for those who missed it in 2005.

Trailer / Gameplay:


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