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06.10.2017, 22:03
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Russian developers also can create true masterpieces and give users an unforgettable adventure. For example, a Russian game development Studio named Ice-Pick Lodge is known for its projects that are developed for a very long time. But don't condemn them for it, as the level of quality of their adventure immediately makes you forget about all the time that was spent waiting. And now the Studio is ready again to please us with his next masterpiece, which is called Pathologic 2. The time has come to plunge into the serene world of the Sea of utopia, which previously could instill panic. Now the game has a different name, but does not lose the main world, and similarly touches upon the themes of total plague. It remains only to wait for the release and Pathologic download 2 torrent free.

The horror, death and lack of hope
As you may have guessed, this time the play spaces of the game will give you the peace that is on the verge of destruction. Hundreds of different victims, the death affecting every corner of this world, no hope for salvation and constant sadness. All these elements will accompany you during your adventure in which you have to take at least three roles. At first you can just try to survive in such a dangerous environment, then we can try to help all the people who were in such a sad situation. But if you have enough spirit, you can try to understand their destinies. Each scenario offers quite different conditions for the passage and acquires new details. To understand the Pathologic world 2, have to go through all three story of the company.

Download torrent Pathologic 2 need all – role-playing game with elements of horror and depressing world. No, the game does not impose a negative, it proposes to understand this and learn to look for light even in the dark world. The time has come to prove that faith and confidence can turn any world, even one that is shrouded in plague.

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