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22.08.2016, 11:49
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Company Ebb Software, which consists of only six full-time employees at the end of 2014 has launched a Kickstarter project aimed at financial assistance in the creation of Scorn horror ("Contempt"). Low — 200 thousand € — was not dialed, but the developers have reported being able to find a sponsor, so the game is bound to be. When? On Kickstarter there is information that in December of 2016, but this is only estimated time.

Better answer, why wait, Scorn. This is a terrible story, and everyone will be able to experience a unique story, that is a common story there. The game invites you to visit spooky psychedelic world and understand what is happening. To observe the actions of the character in the first person. By the way, according to the Oculus Rift. And to gamer more immersed in the process, the developers have removed from the screen too much, then there's HUD, and took care of the physics that allows you to feel the body of the hero. For example, when the subject is in the hands, felt its weight, there is the impression that it is floating.

Thanks to the Unity engine 4 and private efforts, the company Ebb Software has created excellent graphics, image transfers all the gloomy sadness of the world, who will walk. During the trip, you need to fight the bad kind of creatures, but they are as strong as the hero, plus the character never there is no surplus ammunition — every shot counts. Therefore, it will not be easy. But it is not always necessary to destroy the inhabitants of this world, should communicate with them, and then fail to understand all the secrets of this area. In General, horror, Scorn you download via a torrent you have, it can still be called philosophical.

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