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Tacoma (2017) PC torrent

02.02.2016, 23:46
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Independent creators of computer games from the Studio Fullbright at the last event The Game Awards has announced that it has begun the process of developing a new game called Tacoma, which you can download via torrent. To release the game is scheduled only on PC, but on all popular OS: Windows, Linux, and Mac. Who will be the heroes of the game, what story we tell — these data remain under a veil of secrecy.

And according to the creators, the intrigue will last until the release, and it will take place only in 2016. Given that the previous project Studio — Gone Home — was very popular and was highly appreciated by critics, from Tacoma should expect no less. Well, we'll have to wait and hope that the guys from Fullbright in the development process decide to share with us some details. So far only known that the action will unfold in 320 thousand km from Earth on the lunar station Tacoma.

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